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Zero Mirror

Bombay Atelier Product
Image by Tezos

The Story

The Zero mirror is a tribute to Brahmagupta, a sixth century Indian mathematician & astronomer. His contributions to math and science have shaped the modern world. The Zero mirror is a tribute to his work. He was one of the first mathematicians to explore the properties of zero, and the first to record his ideas about it in written form.

The Design

The mathematical equation behind this design is Brahmagupta’s equation. This mirror takes from his theory and makes it into a clean geometric form. While most mirrors reflect the world, this one helps us reflect on the concept of zero through Brahmagupta’s equation. By creating a mirror, it also opens the conversation of zero from a mathematical realm to a metaphysical one- the concept of zero serving as bounding horizon for all relationships: we can approach it but never arrive at it.

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