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These pots are made in a variety of materials, including brass, copper and terracotta. 

These classic objects have a unique beauty to them, and each material used for transporting goods holds its own unique properties. 

The Handi man takes these organic forms and translates them into a side table. 

The brass wireframe structure creates a stunning frame that supports a solid hand carved marble top which is removable, making the entire object extremely easy to move around in smaller spaces.


It is a versatile piece and creates an object that blends form with utility. The removable top makes it ideal to use as an object on its own; serving platter, laptop base, or wherever a flat surface may be needed.

These side tables are ideal for residential and commercial spaces, offering an easy lightweight solution for filling up small corners and transitory spaces


Handi Man Luxe

Base: Brass
  • The Handi Man is inspired by the humble Handi pot, a terracotta or metal pot that is used around India for transporting a multitude of goods, from water, for transporting produce, for cooking.  

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