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Kulfi Side Table

Bombay Atelier Product
Image by Tezos

The Story

The Kulfi Project was conceived during the initial days of the COVID. I wanted to create a product that had an ability to bring some joy and beauty to a challenging situation, The lockdowns were creating a difficult business environment for artisans so I decided to do something about it by working with them directly to create The Kulfi Table.

Dessert has a special ability to cheer everybody up, and one of the most beloved dessert creations is kulfi, a creamy ice-cream. The Kulfi side table is inspired by a nostalgic memory of my mum making pistachio kulfi. The fragrance and taste of her Kulfi remained with me and became the starting point for the table.

The side table is a playful design that captures the flavour and memory of a variety of classic Kulfi flavours, Saffron, Rose, Pistachio & Cream.

The Design

The Kulfi table was designed to create joy in people’s lives. It is functional, multi-purpose and simple enough to be used in multiple settings. The terrazzo tops are inspired by classic flavours, which allowed a lot of experimentation using a variety of glass and stone chips to capture the essence. Kulfi base is hand spun from sheet aluminium, which is an extremely difficult task to be done by hand at such a big size. It is then buffed, grinded and polished for a seamless finish, and is a direct tribute to the classic aluminium spun Kulfi mould.

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