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Cypress Lamp

Bombay Atelier Product
Image by Tezos

The Story

Zoroastrians are often referred to as the first environmentalists. The religion believes that all living things are bound together by eternal paths, meaning they exist in a delicate balance with one another. Because of this, Zoroastrians believe it is their duty to be ecologically minded and help keep this balance.

The cypress is a symbol of longevity, wisdom and courage and plays an important part in persian culture. Trees specially evergreens and ancient trees are the symbol of Immortals in Zoroastrianism, a class of six divinities. For Zoroastrians, the cypress (Persian, sarv) is rich with symbolism. It is a symbol of life - a tree of life.

The Design

Due to the Zoroastrian connection with the environment, I wanted to create a source of light and spirituality, in tribute of the giant cypress tree. I chose to use glass as a medium, as it is using a lot of breathwork. Using a wooden mould, the bold outline of the cypress was created to create the glass trees. The glass can sometimes have natural bubbles from the blower, which is natural and connects the breath back to nature.

Spun from wood, a natural material choice that represents the strength and roots of the tree itself, the top and bottom are connected to the glass, completing the overall form of the lamp.

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