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Afarganyu Candle

Bombay Atelier Product
Image by Tezos

The Story

The Afarganyu candle is handcarved from a solid block of marble and is inspired by one of the oldest rituals practiced in Zoroastrianism. The holy fire, or Atash, gives light to the Agiary (fire temple) and warmth to the individual. It is a symbol of sacredness, purity, mercy and piety for Zoroastrians.

Zoroastrians believe in respecting nature and the environment, and with no temple in New Zealand, we would go to the ocean for these rituals.

The fragrance of this hand-poured soy candle captures my childhood memories of rituals performed along Ohawe beach, a rugged west coast beach in New Zealand. Notes of rose petals linger with the memory of sea salt and black cliff rocks.

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