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The Winnow Stool gets its name from the cane winnow, a curved basket used across India as a means of separating rice grains and also known as a 'supra'.

They are also used in traditional Zoroastrian ceremonies called "Madosoros"- where flowers and rice are used in blessings, in which the baskets are passed from one woman to another signifying womanhood.

The Winnow baskets are used in India for separating the grain from the chaff, and are an object of utility and beauty. They have a sculptural quality, which was the inspiration behind the Winnow stool.

The bar stool seat takes the shape of the basket through a metal lattice framework. To capture the beauty of the weave, created a lightweight framework takes the shape and does not distract from its sculptural nature. 

By combining steel with cane, the material choices are a juxtapose between industrial meets nature. The elegant profiles create an object that retains its sculptural quality with a strong sense of form.

This bar stool works for residential and commercial spaces, particularly bars and restaurants, offering a compact, sleek solution for its surroundings. 

Winnow Stool

Frame Colour
  • Bar Stool.

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