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The Bombay Lounger - recliner and bench. 

The Bombay Lounger is a tribute to a classic, the Bombay fornicator. 

We wanted to take elements of classic Indian furniture, and create a new language for what we believed is needed to bring traditional materials and ideologies into the contemporary design space. Our aim was to create a timeless piece of furniture that speaks of time gone by, and futures ahead.

The Bombay lounger is an adjustable lounge recliner and bench, paying tribute to its classic material of cane and teak, but manipulating them in such a way so as to create a slim, sleek profile that can blend into any surrounding, contemporary or otherwise. 

We used stainless steel for the frame below as well as a customised adjustable backrest, rather than teak,  further enhancing its clean and elegant profile.

The back rest can lock into five positions, offering the user a range of profiles on which to rest. In its first mode, it becomes a 3 seater bench, allowing it to be used as a multipurpose piece of furniture. The teakwood sections taper towards the ends of the recliner, to reinforce the idea of minimalism and elegance. 

Three panels of cane are woven into the teak frame, using a classic cane pattern that is lightweight and durable. 

The finish of the teak uses a natural polish, to highlight the beautiful quality of teakwood grain. 

This recliner is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, both residential and commercial, especially for hotels and resorts.

Bombay Lounger

  • Recliner, Lounger and Bench. 

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