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the warrior pose translated into form

designer: Farzin Adenwalla


Asana derived from the Sanskrit word = to sit down.The Asana table is inspired by the art of Yoga and the physicality of the human body.


Yoga combines strength, beauty and agility, and the Asana table became a starting point to study how certain yoga postures can impact the way an object is seen and manipulated.


This particular table looked at the Warrior pose, which articulates a strong sense of form. The aim was to create a piece that was light, yet strong graphically strong in its composition. Every elevation of the table creates a dynamic view point, from the cantilevered profile to the strong right angles.

When it came to material use, the idea was to capture a sense of duality. By combining stainless  with a slim glass lacquered top a synthesis of delicate and solid comes to life. 

This table works for residential and commercial spaces, adding a focal point and a sense of drama to any surrounding.  

Asana Luxe