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Sometimes it can be difficult choosing what works best in your spaces, and many clients are interested in purchasing furniture without the need of having a dedicated interior designer on board.


That's where Bombay Atelier consultation comes in. With a background in Interior Architecture, Farzin has worked with well known architecture and design companies before starting Bombay Atelier. Together with our team, we can offer you the best options for your spaces, whether it be from our own range, custom made, or working on a full interior solution from our end. 

We know it can be tricky and time consuming to decide on furniture or lighting with so many options, configurations and finishes to choose from. 

With the experience of Farzin and the Bombay Atelier team we can provide complimentary expert guidance on the perfect furniture and lighting pieces for your space.


By learning about your lifestyle in the home or office, we will work with you to create a space that focuses on both beautiful aesthetics and simple functionality for daily life.  



A chat about your space and your ideas

We would love to talk through your initial ideas, learn about your style, and what functions the items need to suit your lifestyle. This chat can either be in our showroom, through email, or via a video call.


The Design Process

You can either send us images and measurements of your space via email, or one of our team are able to visit your home to get a real understanding of the space. Once we have all the information we need, we can begin advising on the most ideal solution for you.


Bring your space to life

When the final design and selection of products match your vision, we’re able to begin manufacturing your items completely to your personal specification. We handle delivery and installation, and can even assist with styling and accessories to complete the look.

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